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Automotive Locksmith Services

Automotive keys today are much more complex than they were a few decades ago. Unless your car is a vintage model, you may not be able to get your keys copied or replaced at your local hardware store. Some newer automotive keys have security features using embedded chips that can only be copied by a dealer or locksmith.

It is a good idea to have extra copies of your car keys and remotes made in the event you lose your primary set or lock them in your car. Here at Aaron’s, we can copy or replace your transponder keys and remotes at a much lower cost than your dealer might charge you. We will need your car’s make, model and year to be able to give you a quote over the telephone. We can reproduce your keys using computer programming, cloning or on-board programming.

We can replace or repair your car remotes and we have batteries in stock for all brands.

If you need to replace or repair your automotive keys or remotes. Call us today at 248-589-ARON. We have been serving Metropolitan Detroit since 1975.

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