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gun safeBuying a gun safe is a good idea because you can keep your collection safe from thieves, while also limiting access to them. Not all gun safes are created the same, which is why we are offering tips on what to look for in these safe products.


The doors are of utmost importance because thieves can tamper with poor quality ones. For maximum security, your door should have at least four bolts on each side, in addition to having bolts on the top and bottom. These bolts should be at least 9/16” thick, and made from rustproof materials if you are storing the safe outdoors.

Look for doors that are made from steel and at least 1/4” thick. The frame should be one continuous piece of metal rather than being spot welded, and hinges should not be visible from the outside whenever the door to the safe is closed.


A keyed lock could present a problem in the event you need to get into your safe quickly, because this means you would have to stash a key close by. As a result, intruders could easy get into your safe during a robbery, thereby negating the purpose of it. A combination lock is ideal, provided you don’t forget the combination. If you’re prone to forgetting, a multi-purpose keyed/combination lock would allow you to access it via either method.


The area where you plan to store your safe is also important. For handguns, a small safe that slides underneath your bed would be ideal. If you have a larger collection, you may want to consider a safe that could be placed inside a recessed wall or even the floor. Gun safes can also resemble books or other ordinary objects, and one of these safes would allow you to “hide” your weapons in plain view.

Here at Aaron’s Lock and Key, we have a wide selection of quality gun safes, and are sure to have one that suits your needs perfectly. To see the choices we have available, contact us.