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A Real Locksmith Network


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No Mocksmiths


As we all know the Scammers, they aren’t locksmiths so we call them mocksmiths, are a really big problem in the locksmith industry. They have filled the Yellow pages with bogus company names, addresses and telephone numbers. Even worse than that is their presence on the internet. All of those same bogus listings have been picked up online and made it fairly hard for legitimate locksmiths to be found in searches. Why is that worse? Smart Cell Phones! People use them all the time to find everything they need or want.

They come up in searches because of something called SEO, Search Engine Optimization. We locksmiths need to fight fire with fire and this page of links to a network of Real locksmiths is one way to do that.

The link page will only have web site URL’s. Email them to me at and put ‘Real Locksmiths’ in the subject line.

I do reserve the right to exclude any listings at any time without cause.